Winter is Here and a Handful of Roasted Gram is All You Need to Stay Healthy


Roasted gram, also called roasted black gram, is usually eaten in the winter season. People eat roasted grams as low diet snacks in the evening. The roasted gram or chana helps reduce weight and is also a rich source of fibre and protein, which is found in its outer cell.

Gram eliminates hunger for a long time as it takes more time to digest. Roasted gram is very low in calories. It contains carbohydrates, protein, moisture, lube, fibre, calcium, iron and many other vitamins.

As per, roasted gram keeps blood sugar and diabetes under control. Apart from this, roasted gram keeps the bones healthy. It is also beneficial for the heart.

Beneficial for diabetics:

Roasted gram chana has a very low glycaemic index which does not increase blood sugar. That’s the reason diabetics are advised to eat roasted grams.

Increases physical strength in men:

Roasted gram is beneficial in increasing the physical strength in men. Roasted gram contains protein in abundance. Protein is an essential nutrient for the repair of broken cells in the body. Roasted gram strengthens stamina by eliminating body fatigue in men. Eating a handful of roasted grams with a glass of milk in the morning may cure many types of weakness. By eating it with jaggery, the lack of blood in the body is also fulfilled.

Strengthens the digestive system:

The roasted gram is a rich source of fibre and it eliminates stomach problems. It relieves the problem of gas and indigestion in the stomach.

Immunity Booster

Antioxidants and vitamin C are also found in roasted grams, which boosts the immunity of the human body.

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