Winning of ‘Water Change Maker Award’ by the Mother’s Parliament of Bangladesh


Staff Reporter :: A program of Bangladesh called ‘Mother’s Parliament’ has won the ‘Water Change Makers Award 2020’ by winning the first place in the ‘People’s Choice’ category of the International Water Network: Global Water Partnership (GWP).

The announcement was declared on 25th January2021 in the presence of world leaders and local partners at the two-day global event ‘Climate Action Summit 2020’ of Netherlands. The Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina from Bangladesh attended/joined in the conference and gave her speech through information technology.

According to Global Water Partnership- GWP, “The grassroots water advocacy ‘Mother Parliament’ program was one of 350 applications for changemakers activities from around the world till June 2020.” The ‘Mother’s Parliament program’ of the non-governmental organization Development Organization of the Rural Poor-DORP is working in partnership with the ‘HELVITAS Swiss Inter-cooperation’ on the south-west coast of Bangladesh with the initiative to adapt to climate change. Mothers’ parliament members work to tackle rising salinity and flooding in their area due to climate change. The Jury Board selected 139 initiatives by verifying the authenticity of the programs. Bangladesh was also included in this selected list. Then, in the second round of last September’2020, the ‘Mother’s Parliament’ program also took place in the list of 78 inspiring semi-finalists. At final stage of October’’2020, The honors board of 12 finalists was announced by the jury board evaluation. In this event, the ‘Mother’s Parliament’ program has become the champion in the ‘People’s Choice’ category through online voting.

Mohammad Zobair Hasan, research director of DORP, a non-governmental organization that runs the Mothers’ Parliament, added “The ‘Ma Sangsad’ (‘Mother Parliament’) is working to establish the rights of getting safe and clean water for grassroots ordinary people. I believe that the recognition of the ‘Ma Sangsad’(Mother Parliament) program in the world court will accelerate the recovery process of the damage caused by climate change.”

​Noted, DORP is implementing the ‘Panii Jibon’ project with the partnership assistance of HELVITAS Swiss Inter-cooperation in Morelganj of Bagerhat, Paikgachha and Koyra upazilas of Khulna. Through this project, the mother’s parliament is playing an incredible role in solving the problem of potable water at the local level. Members of the ‘Mother Parliament’ are playing an active role in meeting the needs for safe water of the locals due to the impact of climate change and increasing the budget allocation of the local government in the water, sanitation and hygiene sectors.

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