Why Writing ‘We Are the World With Michael Jackson’ Was a Scary Deal for Lionel Richie


Singer Lionel Richie shares a humorous account while recollecting his experience of writing the peace anthem We Are The World with late pop star Micheal Jackson.

“The obstacle of writing the song was not writing the song. The obstacle of writing the song was the python he had, the albino python that he lost in the bedroom,” Richie said on The Drew Barrymore Show.

“So, we are writing the lyrics and I’m lying on the floor and I hear this little sound, ‘arrr, arrr’. And I look over my shoulder and there is this albino python head looking at me,” he added.

The singer described the moment as a horror movie and shared that Jackson had the coolest reaction to the situation.

“Drew, I was screaming like the last horror movie that you’ve ever seen in your whole life. And he kept saying to me, ‘Lionel, he loves you. He just wants to say he loves you’,” Richie said on the show, which airs on Zee Cafe in India.

He also talked about his daughter Nicole Richie being friends with Drew Barrymore. “I know so much about you from behind the scenes of my daughter Nicole. I always get to hear what you all are doing from time to time,” he said.

To which Barrymore replied, “It’s true, I love your daughter so much and recently her and our group of girlfriends really helped each other.”

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