Tanu Razz: Has gained fame by songs


Tanu Razz 

Mamun Shohag:: Participation of the young generation in the music industry of Bangladesh has always been optimistic.

Country’s music scene has always been filled with new artists. The repertoire of songs has been enriched. New artists always give the audience all the great songs. One such young musician is Tanu Razz. His solo album ‘Rongin Shohor’ has just been released, which has already resonated with audiences at all levels.

Tanu Razz has been practicing music since childhood. Tanu spent his childhood at Palashbari in Gaibandha. He is now studying English at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

Tanu Razz listened to a lot of songs from a very young age. As soon as he heard the songs, he wanted to enter the world of music. He started singing from that desire. His journey in the world of music was started in 2018.

Tanu started his long preparation for his own solo music. The work of composing words, tunes, music continues. At the same time, Tanu Razz sharpened himself. Following this, his first solo song ‘Mukhosh’ was released on July 25 this year. Tanu got countless fans in a very short time. The song titled ‘Mukhosh’ is available on all music platforms including iTunes, GP Music, Robi Music etc.

After releasing several songs, Tanu thought of releasing an album. He also did it within a very short time. He became a successful one! For the convenience of the listeners, a single album ‘Rongin Shohor’ was released with 5 original songs sung by him. The album was released on the online platform on October 13 this year. Since then, Tanu has not had to look back. Praise comes from different quarters. He got fame. Got inspired to create more new songs.

The link of ‘Rongin Shohor’ album: https://music.apple.com/us/album/rongin-shohor-ep/1536034610?uo=4

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