Shubho Mahalaya Wishes and Quotes for WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook


The Goddess worship season leading up to Navratra or Durga Puja starts with Mahalaya Amasvaya. This year, Mahalaya Amavasya falls on September 17. The word Mahalaya is derived from two Sanskrit roots- ‘maha’ meaning great and ‘alaya’ meaning abode. It stands for the great abode a divine residence for the greatest souls.

In mythology, goddess Durga is a strong feminine force responsible for the whole universe in some ways. Mahalaya Amavasya also marks the end of Pitru Paksha. In some north Indian cultures, the period of Pitru Paksha is reserved for the departed ancestors and generally considered inauspicious for wedding or any new endeavours.

With Mahalaya, the auspicious cycle renews. The next phase becomes ‘Devi Paksha’, marking the commencement of Goddess Durga’s arrival to her maternal home. Usually, Mahalaya leads to Durga Puja within a briefer span. However, this year, due to some cosmic calendar dates, it will be celebrated a month later.

Mahalaya is of great importance in Bengali culture, but many other Hindu families outside of Bengal also celebrate the day. Here are some wishes and quotes you can send to your loved ones on WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other form of social connection:

1. On the significant day of Mahalaya Amavasya, here’s extending my warm greetings and best wishes to you and your family.

2. Shubho Mahalaya! With the end of the Pitru Paksha, let us all gear up to welcome Maa Durga. May the blessings of the Mother Goddess always be with you.

3. As we all wait for the arrival for Maa Dura in about four weeks this year, here’s extending Shubho Mahalaya greetings to you and your loved ones.

4. Sankton ka naash ho, Maa Shakti ka vaas ho. Har ghar me, har sheher me, sukh-shaanti ka vaas ho, Jai Mata Di! Mahalaya ki dheron shubh kamnayein.

5. May this festive season brighten your days and nights. May it add colour and make your life brighter. May it abundantly remove all worries from your life and give you vigour to face every strife. Happy Mahalaya!

6. Wishing Goddess Durga destroy all evil around you. May the Goddess fill your life with prosperity and happiness. May you have immense peace this Devi Paksha. Happy Mahalaya

7. Nil Akasher Megher Vela, Padmya Fuler Papri Mela, Dhaker Taale Kasher Khela, Anonde Katuk Sharodbela. Happy Mahalaya.

8. “SAROT” meghe bhaslo vela- “KASH” fulete laglo dola- “DHAKER” upar porlo kathi- “Puja” katuk FATAFATI..SUVO MAHALAYA….

9. Elo khusir sarat.Ektu himmer hawa.Pujor bhore dhaker aawaj. Mayer kachey jawa. Onek khusi onek alo, pujo ebar katuk bhalo. Mahalayar Subhecha roilo

10. Memories of festivals celebrated together, Moments that have been committed in my heart forever, make me Miss You even more this Festival. Hope this Mahalaya brings in Good Fortune, And eternal happiness for you!

11. Wishing Goddess Durga take away all of your vices and give you happiness. Fill your life with colour of pleasure and successes, and grants you peace for all your wishes and hopes. Happy Mahalaya

12. Goddess’ blessing will take away all obstacles out of your path of life as she removes the darkness from the universe on this auspicious day.

Happy Mahalaya.

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