Should You Workout During Periods? Know From an Expert Nutritionist


Premenstrual syndrome and pain come in handy with the period cycle for many women. The unbearable pain not only causes mood swings but also drains the individual’s energy. Following this, women are often confused about whether they should work out during menstruation or skip it entirely. Addressing these questions, nutritionist Nancy Dehra has put out a post on Instagram. She stated that the impact of ‘working out during period cycle’ differs from person to person, adding that a couple of factors like “severity of PMS, menstrual discharge, and pain threshold” play an important role in making the right choice.

How To Decide Whether You Should Exercise Or Not?

According to Nancy, people who get mild to no pain during periods can workout by slightly adjusting the intensity. It is important to remember that due to high levels of progesterone before periods, women might take longer to recover.

Women who get severely impacted by PMS, workouts should be the last thing on their minds. However, the nutritionist opined that this group can benefit from yoga and stretching. She said that lighter activities will help in reducing the symptoms and promote blood flow.

Ideal Exercises During Period Cycle?

Workout or exercises are not limited to high-intensity interval training, lifting heavy weights, or running for long distances. Nancy suggested that during the period cycle, it is wise to include lighter activities in the routine.

Weightlifting and high-intensity cardio can be replaced with yoga and stretching exercises, while you can also opt for swimming, cycling, and light walking to improve your mood and energy levels during periods.

But above all, it is vital to listen to your body. Nancy said that if women wish to take complete rest in the initial days, it is completely fine and they should not have any guilt within. As per the nutritionist, one should understand their body’s signals and include workouts, exercises, or activities accordingly.

Citing a research, Nancy shared that women who work out regularly are more attuned to their bodies and can also predict upcoming periods. She further mentioned that exercise is also shown to reduce PMS and tackle period pains better.

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