Shamita Shetty Gets Teary-eyed During Punishment Task


Shamita Shetty Gets Teary-eyed During Punishment Task

Shamita Shetty Gets Teary-eyed During Punishment Task

What a day it has been for the contestants in the Bigg Boss OTT house, audience witnessed two extreme sides in one day.

  • Last Updated:August 22, 2021, 13:24 IST

It is very clear that Bigg Boss OTT is all about ‘Stay Connected’, and host Karan Johar too had made it very clear that to survive in the game, having a strong connection is of utmost importance. But certain connections seem to be getting too close. We talk about the so-called ‘calm connection’ – Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty. Raqesh openly flirted with Shamita at night while he rested on her bed and the actress just could not hide her cheeks from getting red. While the housemates teased the two, Raqesh didn’t stop flirting and Shamita just couldn’t stop blushing.

Talking about romance, Nishant Bhat and Moose Jattana have been transparent about their pure friendship and liking for each other. But the duo was seen sharing some cozy moments together after Pratik Sehajpal teased them away by asking them to confront their love for each other. Moose subtly said that there are certain boundaries that she would like to maintain between her and Nishant.

Furthermore, bringing some twist in the day Bigg Boss announced the punishment task which the housemates (as connections) had to pick any two connections that were weak in their opinion. After ‘aapsi sehemati’ of the contestants, they decided to nominate, Shamita – Raqesh and Prateek-Akshara Singh, while boss man and lady, Zeeshan Khan and Divya Agarwal became the ‘sanchalak’.  In the punishment task, ‘Kohlu Ka Bail’ Pratik-Akshara and Shamita-Raqesh had to rotate a machine without stopping in the garden area. And only one person could take break to go to the restroom.

The task which looked easy, certainly was not. While performing the task, Shamita started crying out of emotional breakdown and later she got into a heated argument with Nishant.

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