Service activities of Mohorom Hossain, the newly successful president of Sapahar Load Point Office


Nayan Babu, Naogaon: Mohorom Hossain, the newly successful president of the Sapahar Load Point Office in Naogaon, to the members of the “Micro Stand Association”. He also distributed masks and held an exchange meeting at the office premises of the association at 11 am on Wednesday. All the members of the micro stand were present at the time.
Mohorom Hossain called upon all to work together in the exchange of views.

From the very beginning of the epidemic, Mohorom Hossain distributed about 10,000 masks in the bus stand area among the people of all walks of life with his own funds. After that he distributed more than 30-40 thousand masks in different places of the upazila.

From the very beginning of the epidemic, Mohorom Hossain has been distributing masks in several phases, distributing food items among the helpless, spraying the whole market and doing various service works to save the common people from the epidemic.

Earlier, while maintaining social distance, he distributed food items at his own expense to the unemployed, extremely poor, destitute, day laborers, harijan community, disabled, beggars, day laborers, rickshaw pullers, van drivers, transport workers, restaurant workers, peddlers and tea shops Mohorom Hossain.

Since the 1st day of the 2nd lockdown, he has been distributing masks and raising awareness among the people including workers.

Prominent people have applauded the initiative of Mohorom Hossain.

Mohorom Hossain said that the world has come to a standstill due to the coronavirus epidemic. Which has an impact on low-income poor people. Their income has stopped. The government has taken many important decisions to prevent coronavirus across the country. This is good for everyone, but many low-income people are temporarily in trouble.

Mohorom Hossain further said, as long as there is an epidemic, we will continue to serve the helpless people. “I will continue my efforts until the coronavirus outbreak is over and the situation returns to normal,” Mohorom Hossain said.