Paperfly – A startup that delivers happiness!


It’s amazing to see how e-commerce has been spreading in Bangladesh. It has lessened our hassle for purchasing various items and has also made cash transfer easier. Now we can relax in our home and order things from different sites. But the team that delivers things to our location is the logistics team. If that team won’t react to the orders instantly, that e-commerce business won’t come out successful. At this point, a logistic startup named Paperfly came on the field in the year 2016. now the company has the widest cash-on-delivery coverage and handles the highest volume in the country. 

Paperfly claims to be the first true homegrown logistic-tech venture. But the journey of the creation of paperfly was not that smooth. The three co-founders of Paperfly have been working in the corporate arena for more than ten years before entering the world of startup. In an interview by the Daily Star, Shahriar Hassan, CEO of Paperfly was asked, why to leave all the luxury and stability that a 9 to 5 job was offering. He replied,” We wanted to do more and start something of our own. We tried several other startup ideas. Some worked but were ahead of their time; some crashed and burned completely. But the startup that can fuel the booming e-bizes of Bangladesh actually stood out.”

This is evidently the main concept to tackle every challenge of life. It won’t be easy at the beginning. Maybe you’ll fail. But after failing and trying several times, you’ll understand where you were wrong and what you should do next. This is how the venture of Paperfly came out successful. 

Recently this local logistics startup ‘Paperfly’ got a high investment from Indian Ecom.  TA Krishnan, CEO and Co-founder of Ecom Express even mentioned, “Paperfly has established itself as a prominent enabler to online businesses through its strong logistics experience and entrepreneurial leadership team.” 

With paperfly, we can dream of a Bangladesh where the logistics and courier arena will be developed using new technologies, and also e-commerce and f-commerce will become more smooth.


Khondaker Farhana Shamim 

Content Writer(intern)

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