Nasirr Khan on Making It on His Own and Walking Out of His Father Johnny Walker’s Shadow


Legendary Bollywood actor Johnny Walker and his son Nasirr Khan

Nasirr Khan claims that many people do not know about his relationship with the iconic Hindi actor and feels that it is something his father Johnny Walker would be proud of.

It may seem like children of actors are often shrouded by their parents’ legacy, but actor Nasirr Khan may be an exception. Although he is the son of veteran Hindi cinema actor and comedian Johnny Walker, Nasirr claims that many people do not know about his relationship with the iconic Hindi actor. Speaking to The Times of India, the 52-year-old actor said, “Just the other day, one of my co-actors came running to me and said, ‘Arre aap Johnny Walker ke bete hain, I didn’t know’.” For Nasirr such anecdotes signify that he has made it in the showbiz on his own and feels that it is something his father would be proud of.

The actor is currently working on a television serial called Shubh Laabh which airs on Sony SAB. Speaking about his own journey in the acting career, Nasirr told the national daily that he is happy that he got work in the industry on his own merit. Nasirr said, “People didn’t even realise that I was Johnny Walker’s son and so they didn’t expect me to follow a certain career path.” The actor said that if one were to sit down to compare the two eras of his time and his father’s time, it is impossible because humour, films and comedy were much simpler in those days when Walker acted with veterans like Dilip Kumar and Guru Dutt. Talking about the challenges a modern actor faces, Nasirr said, “Now, a child is almost born with a mobile phone so he will perhaps not find that comedy and humour as appealing. But, I do feel that people and things were far simpler in those days than now.”

The actor also spoke about Walker and said that his father had his own struggles in the 50s, when he made it on his own. Nasirr said that he cannot spend time on analysing why his films did not work or why a certain TV show did not work. The former judge of children’s dance reality show Boogie Woogie said that every actor has gone through his share of struggle. and he has learnt now that inner peace and satisfaction is more important. “Work is a part of your life, not your life. I have seen top actors sliding down and unknown people becoming stars. So, it is all about just enjoying your work,” shared Nasirr.

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