Mindfulness: Whose Point Of View Is This Anyway?


Our emphasis on literacy for the earning has led to slipping of values in education. This has weakened our understanding of life. We have entangled ourselves in considering each other as challenges so much so that our innate love has started fading

We always try to understand everything from our own point of view, while life is never one sided. Put yourself in others’ shoes, you will begin to find answers automatically.

Lord Buddha had a routine of apologising to the world after every morning prayer. One day, his disciple Anand asked, “You never give pain to anyone or harm anyone, then why do you apologise?”

Buddha replied, “I still remember my days of ignorance. Nobody used to harm me, yet I suffered. Today, when I am aware of this fact, there are various kinds of ignorant groups. These groups would have been harmed by me without any bad intentions. I am apologising for that suffering.”

Anand said, “They may be suffering, yet you didn’t harm them!” Buddha explained, “But I am still the medium. If I am not there, there would be no suffering. My existence is enough. So, I will keep on apologising. This apology is not for the crime done for someone, but for the crime itself. I should not have any contribution in any crime in future, it is for that as well.”

We think in exactly opposite way. We think that only we are innocent and the world is harassing us. We are good to everyone. This extra kindness towards ourselves is making us harsh towards others. Change is not possible without changing our attitude towards life. Clothes don’t change us.

The real thing lies inside us. Taking care of inside is important. Most of the crises occur because we present ourselves as sad, victims and struggling creatures. While doing so, we tend to prove everyone else as guilty, criminal and unjust.

We must stop this. More we try to understand others, more we will have compassion and tenderness within us. This will induce beautiful, clear and fragrant peace in our life. That will be able to take care of all kind of crises which are causing unnecessary struggles in life.

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