Know The Auspicious Days and Time to Buy a Property, House Warming Ceremony and Marriage in May 2021


Investing in a property is part of long-term economic planning, hence it is quite important to do it at an auspicious time. Doing something on an auspicious date in a shubh muhurat is quite significant in the Hindu religion as it is believed to bring favorable profit. Hindus also conduct pujas and yagnas while entering their new homes or while laying the foundation for a new property or even purchasing one.

In Hindu astrology, there are certain days and time frames that are said to be beneficial and lucky to buy any property as well as to perform griha pravesh. These auspicious muhurats are detected on the basis of yogas and dashas forming in the Kundali due to the alignment of nakshatras or planets. As per Vedic astrology, the fourth house of the Kundali plays an important role in depicting the right time for buying a property. This house is known as the “Sukhsthana” and denotes home, prosperity, happiness, conveyances, landed and ancestral property. Here are the shubh muhurats, nakshatra, and Lagna considered to be auspicious to buy a property.

Auspicious Nakshatra: Rohini, Uttara Ashadha, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra are believed to be propitious for buying a new house. These are also favorable for flat booking or laying the foundation for factory, building, or home.

Auspicious Days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are said to be the most auspicious day to invest in property.

If you are planning to invest in a property or to buy a new home to perform Grih Pravesh for your new home in May 2021, here’s the shubh muhurat:

Auspicious muhurat to buy a property:

May 21: 11:13 am to 3.23 pm

May 25: 8:31 pm to 5.25 am

May 26: 5.26 am to 1.16 am

Auspicious muhurat for Griha Pravesha

May 21: 3.23 pm to 5.27 am on May 27

May 22: 5.26 am to 2.06 pm

May 24: 5.26 am to 9.50 am

May 26: 4.45 pm to 1.16 am on May 27

This month there are several auspicious muhurats for marriage as well. Check the details below

May 21: 3.22 pm to 9.08 pm

May 22: 5.27 am to 2.05 pm

May 23: 6.43 am to 1.19 pm

May 24: 11.12 am to 1.48 pm

May 30: 5.24 am to 4.41 pm

May 31: 4.01 pm to 1.06 pm

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