Keep Diabetes at Bay with These Easy Lifestyle Tips


With the fast-paced lifestyle, we are getting increasingly sucked into an unhealthy way of living by juggling between work stress, personal issues, pandemic, pollution, dealing with time constraints, and numerous untoward things. As a result, we often find people falling sick, and sometimes getting chronic diseases. Diabetes is one such growing concern among us. But, by opting for a mindful way of living, we can easily battle these pressures. Prioritise your health as prevention is better than cure, always. So, don’t panic, just be smart.

Follow these lifestyle changes to enjoy a happy, stress-free life, wherein diabetes risk will automatically fly out of the way:

1. Monitor meal portions, manage weight: Don’t indulge in large meals. Eating too much at one go causes spike in insulin levels and increases blood sugar. Accumulation of excess fat, especially around abdomen, increases body’s resistance to insulin. Type 2 diabetes is generally caused due to overweight.

2. 30 minutes of regular exercise: Get active and stay away from sedentary lifestyle. Make sure you exercise regularly. Free hand exercises, swimming, dancing and yogasanas are some great ways to keep diabetes at bay and prevent weight gain. You can go for daily walks for at least 30 minutes. Try to not become obese or physically inactive by ensuring these simple lifestyle hacks.

3. Eat healthy and balanced diet: Cut down on processed, junk food and artificially sweetened drinks. These kinds of foods are high in salt and fat. Go for home-cooked meals, instead. Monitor your consumption of refined carbohydrates such as white bread and potatoes. Opt for complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, leafy green vegetables and whole grains.

4. Quit smoking, reduce drinking: Limit alcohol intake and quit smoking. Unregulated alcohol intake leads to high blood pressure and increased triglycerides levels. Similarly, smoking leads to insulin resistance due to the presence of tobacco.

5. Stay away from fad-diets: Low-carb and the glycaemic-index diets that are being advertised all around may provide you instant results initially, but in the long run, they compromise your health by upsetting the nutrients balance in your body. Make healthier informed choices when it comes to health. Consult doctors and nutritionists whenever you require.

6. Drink water and eat fiber-rich foods: Fiber is great for gut health and managing weight. Consume plenty of fiber-rich foods and drink ample water to prevent insulin spikes.

You can get healthy and diabetes-free life by ensuring these lifestyle changes.

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