Karan Johar Calls Raqesh Bapat ‘Sexist,’ Tells Shamita Shetty ‘Maybe He Doesn’t Need Love’


During the Sunday Ka Vaar episode, Bigg Boss OTT host Karan Johar came down heavily on Raqesh Bapat for making “a sexist” comment during a discussion in a nomination task. A few days back, Raqesh and Nishant, who were saved from the nominations, were given the power to give a disadvantage to two nominated contestants during an immunity task. This week Shamita Shetty, Neha Bhasin, Pratik Sehajpal, Moose Jattana and Divya Agarwal are nominated. During their discussion, Raqesh said he wanted to give Pratik a disadvantage as he felt “men are stronger than women in terms of strength.” His remark irked Moose and Pratik who blasted Raqesh for being “sexist.”

Karan once again highlighted the whole thing during the Sunday Ka Vaar episode and asked Raqesh for an explanation for that remark. In his defence, Raqesh said that he was only talking about men’s physical strength and that Pratik was somewhere physically stronger than the women in the house.

However, Karan interjected, saying, “I’m sorry to say that was just sexist. I have to call it out. It was sexist. Let me tell you dear, if push comes to shove and I hope it never does Shamita can kick your a** and so do Neha and Divya.”

Karan further said, “We’re living in a woke world. We don’t say things like this, not under my surveillance. Now that it’s being discussed, I want you to reflect on it.” Raqesh, who was taken aback by Karan’s reaction, said, “It wasn’t my intention. I live in a house full of women. I know what their strength is and where it comes from.”

Karan also said that he doesn’t want to cancel Raqesh for making that comment and wants to give him a chance to learn from it. “I don’t want to be a part of the cancel culture. I had a lot of men tell me, “Oh, you are not man enough!” And, I want to tell you that these things are hurtful. But I don’t want to cancel those people who say it. I want to make you (Raqesh) understand through this show that this is wrong. You accept it and understand it and move on.”

Karan also asked Shamita Shetty to explain what’s going on between her and Raqesh as viewers are really annoyed by their on-and-off fights and patch-ups. Raqesh and Shamita have been grabbing eyeballs due to their growing closeness inside the Bigg Boss OTT house. They both have admitted to having feelings for each other. While Shamita has expressed that she is quite serious about him, Raqesh was heard telling Neha Bhasin that he is not ready to get into any relationship right now as he just had a divorce.

“First of all, what I’m doing here in terms of (showing) my feelings towards him, I’m literally pushing myself out of my comfort zone because doing all this in front of the cameras is alien to me. But I genuinely like him. Maybe we were forced to be with each other in the beginning because of the connection happened. He has also said a lot of things to me that ‘our souls connected’ and ‘you stood by me like a rock.’ I thought it was mutual but then suddenly he changed in the last one week. I don’t know if it’s because people called him spineless or henpecked. I feel he’s become very different with me and sometimes to an extent of being very arrogant and insensitive,” Shamita told Karan.

When Karan asked Shamita if Raqesh broke her heart, a visibly emotional Shamita said, “Yes, but the problem is that he doesn’t understand that he broke my heart and he is the only one who can mend it. He feels that if he maintains a distance from me I will be better but that for me, is an escapist attitude.”

Later, Karan indirectly told Shamita that maybe Raqesh “wants out” and doesn’t need this connection or love. “Either you understand that maybe he doesn’t want this or he himself makes it clear. This track has become indulgent now.”

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