In Pics: Inside Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput’s Son Zain Kapoor’s Quarantine Birthday Celebration


Mira Rajput shared cute pictures of son Zain Kapoor’s birthday to let the world know that happiness isn’t based on lockdown.

In Pics: Inside Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput's Son Zain Kapoor's Quarantine Birthday Celebration
Mira Rajput shared cute pictures of son Zain Kapoor’s birthday to let the world know that happiness isn’t based on lockdown.

Celebrations like birthdays and weddings have suffered a little due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Mira Rajput shared cute pictures of son Zain Kapoor’s birthday to let the world know that happiness isn’t based on lockdown. Mira also spoke about the exhaustion caused by planning two birthdays within ten days.

She shared the precious celebration on her Instagram profile with over 2 million followers. The caption read, “Another Quarantine Birthday. After planning a detailed, game intensive and theme-packed birthday for the lady of the house, I was quite lazy to get up and do yet another one in ten days! But nothing like Pinterest and good old mom-guilt to get you right back on your toes to start all over again.”

She explained that her son is obsessed with motorised things (“things that go vroom”). Things like bikes, trucks, tractors, fire engines are all his favourites. But his most precious vehicle is the JCB digger, miniatures of which could be spotted throughout the party pictures. She said he plays all summer afternoons with these trucks in ‘full bliss’. To appreciate his passions, the theme of the party was construction and vehicles. Having two themes helped her widen the choices she had.

The captioned continued to detail the planning behind the event. She said she used “whatever creativity she had left” to decorate the party and inflate a pool. She added the best way to keep kids engaged is to give them a pool and some fries (French fires). The decoration was construction themed as her son is fond of it. She used online resources to accumulate all the decorations, banners, and printed art to jazz up the celebration. She also noted that they recycled tassels leftover from a previous party for return-gift wrapping.

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Quarantine Birthday My kids’ birthdays are ten days apart and I had this dreamy idea when my son was born, that I’d combine their parties for as long as Khoi bags are interesting, and save myself the stress and planning that goes into kiddie parties. Because really, the unnecessary bar has been set quite high by too many, and some of them can be as tedious as weddings. And when better to economise on stress than during this time. Missy however had another plan in mind and complained to Papa that she wants a birthday of her own and doesn’t want to share her special day.. We caved and melted. For Misha, nothing tops Peppa. But instead of a full blown Peppa Fest, we made it kind of a technicolour carnival with bits of the lovable piggy. The decorations were all made by us and the fam (the DIY ones you get online) while watching some Netflix, as well as some I saved from her first birthday. The backdrop was a hand-me-down from my neice’s Peppa fiesta and cute printables brought the whole theme together from @studio_psd @printsolutionsdesign. It was so much fun, with musical chairs, a treasure hunt of weird Peppa erasers hidden all over in the garden, tug of war (Us vs the kids: no guesses on who won) and the good old Khoi bag. The menu must-have on my list was wafers and fruity along with the good ol’ party favourites that were pizza, noodles, Nutella sandwiches and jelly. It was all sorts of warm, fuzzy, and nostalgic! The kiddie birthday I always wanted to throw: intimate, full of memories and an after party mess ❤️

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The couple has a daughter, born on August 26, 2016, and son born on September 5, 2018.

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