How Zunaira Khan and Srinika Purohit Prepared to Win the World


In the fourth episode of BYJU’S Young Genius, the host Anand Narasimhan first welcomed child prodigy Zunaira Khan, who started a website for web solution at the age of 8. At 12, she became the CEO of an IT company.

During the episode, she shared that she started learning coding when she was 7 and got her first client at the age of 9. She is also the sole developer of two products–Team Manager and Inventoria. More so, she has employed 3 B Tech students in her company.

Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao joined the episode as mentor. He shared that he got his first income of Rs 300 when he was 15-year-old by teaching dance to a kid.

He also advised Zunaira to be the nicest version of herself throughout her life.

BYJU’S Young Genius: Meet Amazing Odissi Dancer Srinika Purohit in Ep 4

The second child prodigy to join the episode was Srinika Purohit, the ‘Wonder Kid’ of Odissi.

Srinika performed dance with Rao and also with her mother.

Following the performance, renowned classical dancer Mallika Sarabhai joined the episode virtually. She hoped that many kids get inspired by the 10-year-old, after watching the episode.

Both the kids were given one year BYJU’S subscription and an award celebrating their excellence in the field of Business/Innovation and Performing Arts respectively.

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