History And Significance of the Day Dedicated To The ‘Language Of Gods’


Every year on Sawan Poornima in the Hindu calendar, World Sanskrit Day (also known as Sanskrit Diwas) is observed. Being the first spoken and oldest language, Sanskrit holds significance in the ancient history of India. It is also considered as the Dev Vani which translates to the ‘language of Gods.’ Despite all this, Sanskrit is not getting the recognition it deserves. As a result, World Sanskrit Day is celebrated all across the country in order to promote the resurgence and preservation of this language.

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According to the Hindu calendar, on every Poornima of Shravana month, Sanskrit day is observed. The day also marks the holy festival of Raksha Bandhan.

In 1969, With the intent of illuminating the next generation about the ancient Indian language, the Government of India decided to celebrate Sanskrit Diwas on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Sanskrit is believed to be an Indo-Aryan language, which is said to have originated around 3500 years ago. However, in the scriptures, the Sanskrit language is thought to have originated in the second millennium BCE, when the Rig Veda was composed.

This Indo-Aryan language has been designated as a classical language recognised for its scientific composition and is in high demand all over the world.

The language also impressed some Europeans. Sir William Jones, an English scholar, arrived in India in 1783 as a judge of the British Supreme Court in Calcutta. He was the Asian Society’s founder. He translated the Sanskrit author Kalidasa’s Abhijnana Shakuntala and Ritu Samhara as well as Jayadeva’s Gita Govinda into English. Manusmriti was also translated into English by Jones.

The major goal of this day was to encourage its use outside traditional puja mandaps — in conversational discourse. The language that was once known as the “mother of all languages” is now one of the least spoken. While numerous languages arose from this language, we began learning other languages as a result of it.

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