Here’s How You Can Naturally Manage Kidney Stones


Facing problems related to kidney stones is a very common scenario. Though it doesn’t cause permanent damage on timely detection, it is always advisable to follow preventive measures to avoid getting them.

Kidney or renal stones are nothing but clumps of waste. These hard crystal-like deposits can occur at any part of the urinary tract – from kidney to bladder. The experience of passing kidney stones can be pretty painful but can be assuaged with proper diagnosis and pain relief medication.

There are many remedies (in combination to medical guidance, of course) to prevent as well as deal with kidney stones.

Follow these simple norms to manage kidney stones well:

1. Boost calcium intake: Contrary to the notion of calcium being the evil behind kidney stones, it has been proven that with sufficient amount of dietary calcium consumption, stone formation can be prevented. Calcium-rich foods like milk, yogurt and cheese bind with oxalate and thus, prevent oxalate absorption as a result.

2. Lower salt intake cut down animal protein: Decrease your sodium intake by cutting down on table salt, junk and processed foods, since it increases calcium excretion through urine. Additionally, the purines present in animal protein diets result in uric acid stones. Hence, it is advisable to monitor your animal protein diet.

3. Boost magnesium intake: Magnesium is an excellent catalyst for metabolic reactions and energy production in your body. It is key to prevent calcium oxalate kidney stone formation. Have avocados, tofu and legumes, to get ample amount (at least 420mg/day) of magnesium. To ensure your body is responding well, take magnesium-rich foods along with oxalate-rich foods. Enhanced presence of magnesium lowers the oxalate absorption in the gut and thus prevents kidney stones.

4. Boost citric acid intake: The citric acid present in fruits like lemons, oranges and grapefruit is known to prevent calcium oxalate kidney stone formation. It binds with the calcium crystals and stops enlargement by passing these crystals through urine.

5. Ensure hydration: There’s nothing like staying hydrated. The volume of stone-forming substances in urine is diluted with ample fluid consumption. Plenty of water or fluid intake in the form of juices, milk, soup and herbal tea is highly recommended to avert kidney stones. Avoid soda, artificially sweetened or sugar-sweetened drinks and colas, though.

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