Here’s How to Keep Dandruff Away in Winters


Dandruff is one of the most annoying hair problems and doesn’t seem easy to cure. It is embarrassing to have those white flakes falling down the smooth beautiful hair in public events and occasions where you need to shine.

I am sure nobody likes a flaky scalp and would happily look up to solutions of getting rid of dandruff. Well, we have found out a few effective methods of gifting you a dandruff-free winter season.

Several natural products have proved to have worked well for the removal of dandruff during the cold season. Take a look and see what works for you the best:

A Combination of Honey and Lemon

Lemons have been known to contain strong cleansing properties and honey works as a great humectant, and together they make a great combination for a flaky scalp. Prepare a hair mask using 3-4 tablespoons of honey and squeeze the juice of half a lemon and apply evenly on your scalp, or just on the dandruff-affected area. Wash your hair after 15 minutes of gentle massage.

Coconut and Neem

Coconut oil is natural comfort oil for almost all hair problems. Especially during winters, coconut oil can be very efficient in making your hair lustrous and healthy. Combined with neem, an effective ingredient to get rid of dandruff, the duo works wonders for the scalp. Combine neem oil and coconut oil in equal parts and massage gently after applying evenly on the scalp. Wash off with a mild shampoo, and you will see the results getting better after every wash.


Yogurt is an age-old ingredient to get rid of dandruff in winters. Rich in natural enzymes, yogurt treats dandruff naturally. Simply massage it onto your scalp and shampoo after about half an hour. Tip: Mix some lemon juice for better results.

Another tip to avoid dandruff is to avoid hot showers. Use warm to lukewarm water to wash your hair in the cold season.

Other than these remedies you can also use an anti-dandruff shampoo for quick results.

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