The height of stupidity:

You gave everything to someone who gave you only betrayal in return.
Now you want everything from someone whom you don’t want to give anything in return.

You enjoyed a lot. Now you are suffering a lot.
You are just paying the price. Simple!

Why are you disturbing someone who does not have any reason to tolerate you?

Maybe you know them.
But you are a stranger to them. Right?

First of all, you must be a friend or something to them. Only then you can expect their time. No free lunch, dear!

A busy person’s time has its price. First try to know the price. If you pay it, you can get everything you want.
Even if they are not busy, why should they give you their precious time?
Always remember, the time you need is really PRECIOUS. Period.

You are innocent, maybe all appreciate it.
At the same time you must stop being so much boring.
That’s all!

Well, you need it.
But do they need to give it to you?

Well, you know them.
But do they know you?

Well, you need to be cared for.
But do they need to care about you?

Well, you need their time.
But do they need to give you time?

Well, it matters a lot to you.
But does it matter at all to them?

Well, it’s a big problem for you.
But does it mean anything to them?

Grow up.
Have at least one reason to get noticed. Only then they will notice you.

No use complaining about it. Be smart.
The people you really need are busy.