Have Ample Time to Sing Again, Says Babul Supriyo as TMC, BJP Slam MP’s ‘Sholay-Like’ Drama on Quitting Politics


Babul Supriyo may have bid ‘Alvida’ to his political career but the war of words has just begun. After the BJP leader said he was resigning as MP too and claimed that he had “mistakenly” omitted the part about not joining any other party from his Facebook post, he faced a barrage of criticism from TMC’s Kunal Ghosh and BJP’s Dilip Ghosh.

Finally, the singer-turned-politician took to social media late on Saturday to say he took the comments in his stride and now he had “ample time” to sing.

“Read ur comments. You all are seeing things from your perspective. Some people have used language according to their culture; I take it all in my stride. I can answer your questions through work for which I don’t have to be an MP. Give me some time and I will start singing songs; now I have ample time in hand. At least, I will not have to deal with such uncouth comments and positive energy will be saved.”

Supriyo’s reaction came after Kunal Ghosh termed his resignation a “drama”, saying Lok Sabha is functioning and he should have resigned as MP if he was serious. Comparing his antics to Sholay’s Dharmendra, Ghosh said Supriyo was using Facebook to attract his Delhi leaders “because he’s now a dissident leader”.

BJP Bengal president Dilip Ghosh did not seem too eager to comment on the singer’s decision, calling it his personal choice. However, amid buzz of a strained relationship with Supriyo, he added that it was clear he was “important” and hence criticised by everyone.

Supriyo had been subtly expressing his displeasure over not getting a ministerial berth through posts on Facebook and Twitter. On July 7, after the Cabinet reshuffle took place, Supriyo’s first post was on Facebook, where he stated, “Yes, when there is smoke there must be a fire somewhere. Not being able to take phone calls of my friends in the media who care for me hence let me spell it out myself…”

“Yes, I have resigned from the Council Of Ministers (As I had framed it earlier, “Asked to resign” may not be the right way to put it.)” “I thank Hon’ble Prime Minister for giving me the privilege to serve my country as a Member of his Council of Ministers.”

Supriyo once had jhalmuri (puffed rice) with Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, which had led to a huge buzz in political circles. Though TMC has not opened its doors to anyone in a hurry, what remains to be seen is if the singer will stick to his promise of social work or jump ship to another party to continue his political innings.

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