‘GLTS’ distributes masks and food’ on the occasion of golden jubilee of independence


Zafor Ahmed Shimul, Staff Reporter:: Global Law Thinkers Society (GLTS) distributed masks and lunch to 150 low-income rickshaw pullers on the occasion of Independence Day.

March 26 (Friday) The Global Law Thinkers Society took this great initiative on the occasion of the golden jubilee of independence.

This voluntary organization is making a special contribution in the country through various activities of ‘GLTS’ centering on 50 years of independence and centenary of Bangabandhu’s birth. Following this, on the occasion of the great Independence Day on March 26, GLTS led by Joint Organizing Secretary, Mahin Mehrab Anik, PR Leader of Bangladesh National Team, Jannatul Islam Emon and Fardin Ahsan Ishmaar, Executive Leader, Power Team. The members came together and organized this special program.

‘Mahin Mehrab Anik’, Joint Organizing Secretary of the Global Law Thinkers Society, said in a statement that GLTS is working to serve the human race and will continue to do so in the future. He further said that every one of us who are well off should extend a helping hand to the backward sections of the society. He thinks that small deeds will eliminate the divisions of the society, increase sincerity and through this establish a symbol of friendship.

Jannatul Islam Emon, PR leader of the Bangladesh National Team, said, “Our small efforts now will send a good message to future generations.” We want to spread the message of friendship and humanitarian service through our work.

It is to be mentioned that a few days ago, children’s health check-ups, distribution of educational materials and cultural programs were organized in Barguna. The children were emotionally broken while the school-college was closed. The ‘GLTS’ family organized such a magnificent event considering their mental health. Mental health is guided through counseling by speaking directly to children at the event. Besides, they are given a pleasant atmosphere even if only for a short time through the magnificent cultural programs.

The politicians of the society and the common people expressed their satisfaction over the enthusiasm, energetic and energetic work of the youth. They think the dormant youth has woken up again. Young people are developing their talents by working for the society instead of drowning in drugs and mobiles all the time. They also said that if the youth can be given the right direction, Bangladesh will be well-known in the world through good deeds. Because 80 percent of the population of this country is below 40 (age). In order to build Bangabandhu’s golden Bengal, various organizations like GLTS have to think about the youth. So that young people can spend their time doing good deeds and become strong people.

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