From a Home cook to Masterchef Kitchen: Tale of Kishwar Chowdhury


Kishwar, a 37-year-old Masterchef Australia Season 13 participant has won the hearts of millions of people across the world. Specifically, Bangladeshis from all around the world are cheering for this lady with a sweet smile and great talent from the day she entered the Masterchef Kitchen.

From the episode of July 6th, it has been confirmed that she has secured her place as one of the top 4 contestants. Now she’ll be fighting for the crown of Masterchef Australia 2021.

Food is something that brings everyone together, it is a medium of unspoken words to do the trick with its myriad flavors. It’s a form of art and Kishwar’s fusion cooking is something otherworldly, something more vibrant and an explosion of flavor!

From Beef Patty to Traditional Phuchka or Maach Bhaja, from some homemade comfort food to drool worthy street food of Puran Dhaka and Chandni Chowk. Even indigenous dishes from the hill tracts of Rangamati….She never failed to enthrall everyone!


Who is Kishwar??

Kishwar is a second-generation Bangladeshi immigrant. Her father Kamran Chowdhury is a freedom fighter and left Bangladesh about 50years ago. Met Kishwar’s mother Laila Chowdhury (she’s from West Bengal Kolkata). Kishwar was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

Kishwar in the Masterchef kitchen.

She went to Presbyterian Ladies College, then attended Monash University, and earned a bachelor’s degree in business studies. Pursued her post-graduation from the University of Arts, London in Graphic Design.

Kishwar married her high school love Ehteshum. She’s a mum of two kids- Miky and Seraphina, whom she considers the inspiration of her journey to explore Bangladeshi food and adding her twists to them. She aims to pass the legacy of Bengali cuisine to her children by writing a cookbook for them.


Maacher Jhol and Khichuri in Masterchef Kitchen?

Yes, you read it right. A simple Bengali delicacy won appreciation from the judges. She cooked- fried sardines with green mango broth, beetroot, and blood orange shorts. She also chose to bring our loved Khichuri and Begun Bhorta on a plate. This perfect fusion showcased her creativity and her dedication to being a Masterchef.

Her Special Maacher Jhol.

She’s a versatile cook, in every episode of this season she has showcased her expertise in combining different ingredients and she knows to play with spices and bringing the best in a dish.

She has also proved her insight into the dishes from different cultures and heritage. Like when she prepared Burmese street food Khao Soi.

Khao soi with a twist

The best part of Kishwar’s journey is something that millions of Bengali can resonate with. The level of reputation Indian, Chinese, Mexican or Italian cuisine has around the world is massive. But Bengali cuisine has always been a bit behind the scene, even if it is packed with exotic zests and flavors. Kishwar expressed her determination to let the world know how palatable Bengali food can be. As she said- “My ultimate food dream is to write a cookbook with Bangladeshi food and Bangladeshi flavors, if I don’t do that for Mika(son) and Seraphina(daughter), it’s gonna end with me! And I really wanna pass that down.”

She definitely opened a door to explore our cuisine and the history related to them. All we can see now is that it is just the beginning of a new journey. She wishes her journey will encourage all mothers like her to take the step and make their ambitions come true.


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Nishat Azad Chua

Intern, Content Writing Department


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