Follow these simple steps to save money on LPG


Expenditure on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) constitutes a significant part of monthly household expenses for an average Indian family. However, there are many ways through which you can improve the way you consume it, saving you thousands of rupees in a year.

Follow these simple steps at home to save money by judiciously using the LPG.

1) Before putting a pan or any utensil on top of the gas burner, make sure it is completely dry. If the utensil is wet, it takes a few minutes for it to heat up.

2) Keep all the stuff ready before you start to cook. In that scenario, you won’t waste time finding items when the gas burner is turned on.

3) Never immediately use refrigerated food. Allow the refrigerated items to come to room temperature so the extra gas is not consumed in heating it up.

4) As soon as the food starts to boil, change the intensity of the burner to low and let the food cook slowly. Apart from saving gas, the taste of the food will also be good.

5) Covering the utensil while the food is being cooked also saves LPG.

6) Use a pressure cooker to cook food items, especially those which generally take a long time to be cooked properly.

7) Add less water or as little as required to cook food items so that extra fuel is not wasted in evaporating the extra water.

8) If you want to re-heat something, prefer a microwave instead of a gas stove.

9) Water can also be boiled once and then kept in a flask. That way, you won’t spend much gas on boiling it again and again.

10) Regularly check pipes and regulators to ensure that the gas is not leaking.

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