Folk music and Street dramas about legal aid at Government expense


Cox’s Bazar correspondent: Who will get Government legal AID, Where to get, how to get on the subject through folk music and path drama (Violence against women, child marriage, women’s rights and other legal issues) With the social main image path drama is highlighted through new light.

Cox’s Bazar District Legal AID Committee and YPSA at 4.00 pm yesterday. Co-organized by Cox’s Bazar, In the implementation of Democracy International, With USAID financial support On the stage of Shaheed Daulat Public Library in Cox’s Bazar Sadar Folk music and path dramas on legal aid were held at Government expense.

At the time, project Manager Joynal Abedin said the folk music and path drama as well as entertainment Real figures can easily identify their own legal problems And they are learning how to get Government legal aid from there. The poor, Helpless Financially indigent, Disabled, Older women, Men will be able to get their justice very easily. Also present at the project Including accountant Shahina Akhtar Local men and women were present.