First Battle of Panipat Was Fought Marking The Beginning of Mughal Empire in India


On this day, in the year 1526, the First Battle of Panipat was fought between Lodi Empire and the invading forces of Babur to establish the Mughal Empire in India. At the time, Mughal forces led by a Timurid ruler of Kabul, Babur were on invading spree in India. The Delhi Sultanate was ruled by the Afghan Lodi Dynasty.

In the year 1526, on April 21 , a fierce battle was fought between the ruling power Lodi Dynasty led by Ibrahim Lodi and Babur near a small village (present-day) Panipat, in Haryana.

The battle is termed as the first battle that introduced the use of gunpowder and field artillery. As Lodi’s army was largely dependent on cavalry, Babur’s military genius and modern technology led to their enemy’s defeat.

It is estimated that Babur’s 12000 men army defeated nearly 50,000 army troops led by Lodi. It is believed that the sound of cannons frightened the war elephants from Lodi’s side and they crushed their own men.

Babur used modern tactics of warfare and introduced the deadly combination of Tulghuma and Araba. Tulghuma meant the division of the army into the left, right and centre units, while Araba referred to the carts used to launch cannon fire.

Ibrahim Lodi died on the field and Babur emerged victorious in the First Battle of Panipat. It is believed that if Ibrahim had lived another hour, the Mughals may have lost the battle as Babur had minimal reserves left. This marked the end of Lodi Dynasty or the Delhi Sultanate and established the Mughal Rule in Northern India.

The land of Panipat has witnessed many major battles in the history of India. It is also the land where maximum battles to conquer the Northern part of Indian were fought.

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