Every Pregnancy Body is Different


Actor Teejay Sidhu, who is expecting her third child with Karanvir Bohra, penned a note on Instagram about being shamed for being ‘too skinny’ during her pregnancy. Teejay said that every pregnancy body is different and opened up about a difficult experience during her first trimester.

Taking to Instagram, Teejay wrote, :People tell me I’m too skinny, that I should be heavier, especially since I’m expecting. (This is my 5 months pregnancy pic.) But for me, putting on has never been easy. And in the first trimester, I had terrible nausea, couldn’t eat anything! (There was no ‘pregnancy glow!’).”

“Now I eat properly, I’ve put on weight, but still, it only shows on my tummy. I’d tell any expecting Mom, whether you’re the thin/heavy, embrace your maternity body. Don’t overthink what you ‘should’ look like. As long as you are healthy, there is no ‘ideal’ weight. Every pregnancy body is different – love yours, just as it is,” she added.

Teejay and Karanvir are also parents to 3-year-old twin girls Vienna and Raya Bella Bohra.

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