Economic Success of Porsha through Orange Cultivation


A big part of any new initiative is taking risks. The idea of risks intimidates us, sure, but sometimes taking that daring step can be the turning point towards success. The story we are going to read today is a testament to this very sentiment. The story is of Porsha, an Upazila in the Naogaon District where the farmers started a new venture of orange cultivation. 

At present, there are 200 commercial gardens and 150 garden owners in Porsha where orange is cultivated. Though the farmers previously produced rice and mango mostly, realizing the possibility of increased profit, they quickly turned to orange production. And the change has been a booming success for the land. 

According to one of the farmers, Abdur Sabur Shah, the foreign fruit, orange, is much more profitable than mango or rice. Per bigha rice yields 30 thousand taka and per bigha mango yields 40 thousand taka whereas it’s possible to earn around 1 lakh taka by producing orange in the same piece of land. The soil type of Porsha is highly favorable towards this fruit. That’s why the government is also encouraging the people there to engage more in the production.

Do you know when all this started? In 2016; yes, all of these started and expanded in a short span of 5 years. And the person to whom all of it is owed to is Obaidullah Shah. He was the first one in Porsha to take the risk of starting an orange farm. He started out with only 60 seedlings. Now he is selling 6 lakh taka worth of orange every year. His monumental success inspired others to follow in his footsteps and brought about economic solvency for the whole area. 

So, you see how a miniscule step can turn into something amazing. Take risks and experience the power of your potential

Kashfia Shaoky

Associate, Content Writing Department, YSSE.

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