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Throughout the year, women observe many fasts for their husbands. One of the fasts is Kajari Teej. Married women hold a ‘nirjala’ fast for their husbands on this day. This event is held on Tritiya Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadra. Tritiya Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Bhadra month occurs on Wednesday, August 25 this year. Budhi Teej, Kajali Teej, and Saturi Teej are other names for Kajari Teej. On this day, women pray for their husband’s long life.

Let’s know about the worship method, rituals and materials, as well as their significance:

Kajari Teej: Date

Tritiya tithi started on August 24 at 04:05 pm

Tritiya Tithi will continue till August 25 at 04:18 pm

Kajari Teej: Puja Vidhi

Women build a clay or cow dung idol of Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri after bathing in the morning on the day of Kajri Teej. Shiva and Gauri idols can also be bought from the market. Place the idols of on the puja altar by covering them with crimson cloth.

During the pooja, present Maa Gauri with 16 things. Lord Shiva must be offered bael leaves, cow’s milk, madaraka flowers, Ganga water, dhatura, bhang, and other offerings. Listen to Shiva and Gauri’s tale. Then, after lighting incense and lights, perform aarti. After sighting the moon in the evening, observe the fast.

Married ladies do 16 adornments and bring offerings to Goddess Parvati on the day of Kajari Teej. Other things appear to be present, in addition to the resemblance of honey. Henna, turmeric, bindi, bracelet, ear decorations, necklace, armpit, ring, bangles, red cloth, gajra, maang tika, nath or thorn, waistband, nettle, anklet, incense stick, vermilion, kajal, kumkum, sattu, fruit, Sweets, Roli, Mouli-Akshat, and so on.

Kajari Teej: Significance of performing the fast

It is a well-known belief that Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati give their blessing to the women who perform this fast. By practising Kajari Teej, one reaps the benefits of Sadavarta and Bajpayee Yagya. As a result of this, one is given the option to dwell in paradise. Apart from that, it is believed by the women that by doing this fast their husband will get long life and they will get a happy married life.

This year, Dhriti Yoga will be open till 05.57 a.m. on Kajari Teej. In Vedic astrology, this yoga is regarded as highly fortunate. It is claimed that the practice done in this yoga leads to success.

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