Contestants Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, Raqesh Bapat and Neha Bhasin Perform Aarti


The current season of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss has managed to captivate the fans with its juicy content and entertaining participants. Titled Bigg Boss OTT, the current season streams on the digital platform Voot and is hosted by Karan Johar. The contestants have now completed 33 days inside the house and are just one week away from the finale. The current contestants in the house are Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat, Divya Agarwal, Pratik Sehejpal, Neha Bhasin, Moose Jattana and Nishant Bhatt.

On the previous day we saw a lot of tension in the house due to the bungled up ‘Ticket to Finale’ task. Pratik was angry and stopped the task in between. This made Bigg Boss punish all the housemates by stopping their chance to get a short-cut to the finale. However, on Day 33 a more positive vibe was seen between the housemates as they celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi and welcomed Bappa to the Bigg Boss House.

The day started in a funny note, courtesy of Moose and Nishant, who always light up the house with their Shenanigans. On Friday, they invented fake ‘awards’ to give to each housemate. Divya also joined the coupled on the fun as she pretended to be the presenter of the award. Nishant and Moose then did their housemates’ mimicry. They gave ‘the bitchiest woman of the house’ to Neha. Raqesh was also seen telling that Neha deserved it, despite them sharing a friendship.

The next award called ‘Fakest of all’ was given to Pratik. Moose was seen saying that Pratik does everything for Neha. The next award, ‘Snob of the house’ was given to Shamita and Nishant made fun of her for crying about Raqesh.

The house was then in a celebration mode as they celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi by bringing an idol and offering their prayers. The contestants were seen wearing their best traditional outfits. Neha and Raqesh also performed Arti in front of the idol.

Apart from that, the contestants also performed a task where they had to unscramble words put on a giant board to uncover dishes made from each state. Team A consisted of Raqesh, Pratik and Neha while Team B had Nishant, Divya and Muskan. Shamita became the sanchalak or moderator.

The ended on a positive note as there were no fights in the BB house. Moose and Pratik, who had fought on the day before also hugged it out and solved their issues.

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