“BTS’ Paved The Way: World Domination of K-pop’


BTS is a k-pop band widely known as Korean: 방탄소년단; meaning  Bangtan Sonyeondan, also known as the Bangtan Boys. This band has 7 members. They are – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. They are under HYBE Labels; formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment. BTS debuted on June 13, 2013. Since then they have published nine studio albums (one of which was reissued under a different title), six compilation albums, and six extended plays.


BTS fandom colour is ‘Purple’ which was inspired by their second youngest member, V’s remark in one of their concert as he coined the term ‘BORAHAE’ meaning ‘I Purple You’.  Fandom name is ‘A.R.M.Y’ which means ‘Adorable Representative MC for Youth’. 

Now why BTS has been a phenomenon over the years lies in the fact lies in the fact where their music is inspired by their own words, their feelings, struggles, journey. Thus it’s easier for armys’ all over the world to relate with their music, with their lyrics. They feel those lines are speaking of their stories enabling them to find comfort and motivation and go on with their life. 

BTS fandom has the greatest power as they not only support their idols but also they serve social purposes like donation, campaign etc. It has a huge positive power that leaves everyone in awe. BTS is more than a boy band as they are an inspiration for positivity and spreading awareness of self-love and few other great purposes. Every 7 boys have their own colours. They are humble and have expressed their lifestyles or thinking through some of their key programs like – ‘RUN BTS’, ’BTS In The SOOP’, ‘Winter Package’,  ‘Summer Package’ etc where they can be just themselves just 7 boys being together since teenage days and thus the bond between them that is like family.  


"BTS' Paved The Way: World Domination of K-pop'

“BTS’ Paved The Way: World Domination of K-pop’

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Elle Park has given a long statement on social media about ‘BTS’ which had some details.  She said –
South Korea and Asia’s Pride. The biggest band in the world. Next-generation leaders. First Kpop Act to be nominated on GRAMMYs. The youngest recipient of the Order of Cultural merit, as awarded by South Korea’s President and the youngest recipient for the highest honour, Van Fleet Award. Bringing trillion economic impacts to the country. Seoul Tourism Ambassadors. The best-selling artist in South Korea’s history. Holding the best-selling album in South Korea’s History. World’s best selling artist of 2020. Holding the world’s best selling album of 2020, MOTS: 7 (1st), BE (2nd) and MOTS: The Journey (8th). The most successful act of 2020. The artist with the song with the most PAKs in history (610). The artists with the most number of daesangs in history (55), most music show wins for an artist in history (129), most music show wins for a song in history (32). Officially acknowledged by the President as Leader of Korean Culture. The South Korean President even personally wrote a congratulatory letter to BTS twice, one for their BB200 #1 achievement, and the other for their BBHOT100 #1 achievement. The President once shared BTS was often the icebreaker between World Leaders when meeting in World Conferences and meetings. BTS UNICEF Ambassadors, with the Love Myself Campaign which has won the 2020 UNICEF Inspire Award. Officially acknowledged as 2020 Music Innovator Award. BTS with multiple BBHOT100 #1 entries (5), first Asian act in 57 years to reach BBHOT100 #1, the first Kpop act to achieve BBHOT100 #1 and the first Korean act to stay #1 for consecutive weeks. The first act to reach #1 with a full Korean song. The first act to send multiple foreign language album #1 on BB200 in just a year. Taehyung’s Sweet Night holding the current record for the Most #1 on iTunes History worldwide for a song, reaching #1 over 118 countries, Taehyung being the first and only artist to achieve this feat. Namjoon’s Mono holding the current record for the Most #1 on iTunes History worldwide for an album, reaching #1 over 121 countries, Namjoon being the first and only artist to achieve this feat. BTS having 11 songs and 4 albums overall that has achieved more than 100 #1s on the charts. BTS with their successful stadium tour across the world, the first Asian act to sell out Wembley Stadium with their two-day concert. Love Yourself World Tour being the highest-grossing world tour for a non-English act. The highest-grossing tour for a group in 2019. The first Korean act to have their own stage at the GRAMMYs. Invited as official GRAMMY voting members. The first Korean act to perform on all 4 major music awarding — BBMAs, VMAs, AMAs, GRAMMYs. Most viewed MV for the first 24 hours (100+M Views).
And this is not the whole achievement, there are many more achievements but let’s talk about only these today. BTS IS THE STANDARD.” 

If you want to learn more about their  BTS, you can visit the following links- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BTS






BTS is still wrecking all the records out there contributing through their music.  Let’s see how far they go along with the biggest fandom in the world ‘ARMY’. 


"BTS' Paved The Way: World Domination of K-pop'

“BTS’ Paved The Way: World Domination of K-pop’

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