Bharti Singh Loses 15kg in One Year, Credits Lockdown for Pushing Her Towards Self-Love Journey


Comedian and actress Bharti Singh, who frequently appears on The Kapil Sharma Show, is receiving much attention for her weight loss. The actress has lost 15 kilograms in the past year and the difference is quite visible. In a recent interview, the 37-year-old comedian divulged the details of her weight loss journey and shared her reaction to the impressive transformation.

Speaking to The Times of India, Bharti said that she now weighs 76 kilos, which is down from 91 kilos that she used to weigh earlier. The actress confessed that even she is surprised to lose so much weight, but she is equally happy because she feels healthy and fit. The comedian said that since she lost 15 kilos, she does not get breathless easily and feels much lighter. She also added that the weight loss has also helped in controlling her diabetes and asthma conditions.

Speaking about her current diet plan, Bharti mentioned that she follows intermittent fasting and does not eat between 7 pm and 12 noon. The actress also revealed that her body does not accept dinner any later than 7 pm. Talking about food, Bharti said that she has eaten a lot of food till the age of32 and then gave her body a year to recover. After this, her body started accepting the new diet plan.

Bharti credits the pandemic-induced lockdown for pushing her to love her body more. As reported by The Times of India, Bharti said, “The lockdown has taught us a lot of things, including the importance of family and also loving yourself.” The host of the television reality show Dance Deewanesaid that despite losing weight, she continues to receive compliments where people call her cute. “I guess that’s because people never found me hot nor do I want that tag. I like being cute,” said Bharti.

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