Auspicious Day and Time For Karnavedha in April 2021


Karnavedha is one of the 16 sanskars performed in Hinduism after birth. Karnavedha means ear piercing and is a quite significant ritual in Hindu scriptures in which a child’s ear is pierced and ornament is worn. It is usually performed at the time of mundan or aksharabhyasam that is, vidhyarambham. The ritual has a religious as well as a medical significance as it is believed to blood flow in the nerves passing through the ears and brain. According to religious beliefs, Karnavedha is performed to “open the inner ears” of the child which can help them hear sacred sounds.

There are several traditions followed by Hindus to perform karnavaedha. For a child born in Brahmins and Vaishya families the ceremony is performed with a silver needle, while Kshatriya use a golden needle to perform the ceremony. Karavedha is considered as important as Upnayanam (sacred thread ceremony) in Brahmins. As per the beliefs, a person is not allowed to perform the shraddha rites if his ears are not pierced.

It is advised to perform the ritual on auspicious muhurat after offering prayers to the deities. According to the Hindu panchang, the karnavedha ritual should be performed in the odd years of the child’s age. This ritual is believed to help in improving the routine of a child as well as help in eliminating all kinds of negative energy. Here are auspicious days and muhurats to perform Karanvedha

Auspicious muhurat to perform Karnavedha:

The ritual should be performed according to the movements of planets and other celestial bodies for a favourable outcome. The auspicious muhurat can be depicted by consulting Vedic panchang and astrologers. Mrigashira, Revati, Chitra, Anuradha, Hasta, Ashwini, Pushya, Abhijit, Shravan, Dhanishtha, Punavasu Nakshatra of Kartik, Paush, Chaitra, and Phalgun month are considered auspicious to conduct the ear-piercing ceremony. Know about the Shubh muhurat for ear-piercing in April 2021

April 7: 06.57 am to 10:28 am, April 8

April 12: 10.08 am to 05.01 pm

April 17: 06.25 am to 09:49 am, April 18

April 19: 06.23 am to 11:55 am

April 25: 07.22 am to 09.17 am

April 29: 07.06 am to 13.36 pm

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