All DIU students get vaccinated


Zafor Ahmed Shimul, Staff Reporter::

Registrar Prof Rafiqul Islam has directed the students of all departments of Dhaka International University (DIU) to get vaccinated without delay.

The announcement was made on March 2 (Tuesday) through an emergency notice on the instructions of the authorities. The notice sought students’ information on an urgent basis.

Registrar Professor Rafiqul Islam said that in order to protect against coronavirus, students of all departments of DIU should be vaccinated through a notice on the instructions of the authorities.

It is to be noted that this important directive has been issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC) along with the Dhaka International University administration.

The notice has been asked to apply for the Covid-19 vaccine by e-mail by March 5. Render in Excel format (.XLSX) using ‘Times New Roman’ font. MS Word or PDF file is not eligible for acceptance in any way.

‘The UGC has taken this great decision to protect students from coronavirus,’ he added.

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