5 Simple Home Remedies to Relieve Body Pain


Body pain is a common problem that can occur due to a variety of reasons. It could be due to fatigue, long hours of sitting at your work desk or due to an underlying health condition. Long hours of physical activity may also lead to body pain and stress, dehydration and lack of sleep can worsen it.

While taking a painkiller may be a short-term remedy for body pain, it can only help you for so long, especially if you experience such pain often. It is best to find out the underlying cause of the pain to get relief. If the pain is due to a health condition and seems to be worsening, check in with a doctor at the earliest.

Here are some remedies that may provide relief from body pain in the meanwhile:

1. Salt water soak

Salt water reduces inflammation and provides relief from muscle soreness. Warm water also releases tension in the muscles and is therefore good for reducing body pain caused due to workout or physical activity. Here is how you can use it:

  • Mix 1 cup of salt in a tub filled with warm water.
  • Soak the affected body part in this water for 15-20 minutes.
  • You can also just sit in the tub for 15 minutes or soak a towel in salted water and put it over the affected area.

2. Massage

Massage is probably the most common way to relieve body aches and pains. When done properly, a massage promotes tissue relaxation, reduces stress and even helps in reducing nerve compression, thus providing relief from pain. Massage with warm mustard oil is suggested to be especially effective against body pain as the oil has anti-inflammatory properties.

You can hire a massage therapist, request a family member or gently massage the affected area yourself.

3. Warm compress

Hot compress is a good way to reduce muscle stiffness and improve blood flow. It is especially effective for stiff muscles but should not be used if a pain is caused due to an injury.

You can try putting a heating pad or damp towel (dipped in warm water) at the affected area. Make sure that the heating pad or towel is not too hot as it may burn your skin.

4. Ice pack

For pain and swelling caused due to muscle sprain, an ice pack works the best. It numbs the area and reduces bleeding. You can make and use an ice pack in the following way:

  • Take a few cubes of ice in a plastic bag.
  • Fill the bag with water and seal or tie it close.
  • Wrap the bag in a towel and put it over the affected area a few seconds a time.
  • Do not keep the ice at the area for long at once.
  • Repeat the compression twice a day

5. Ginger

Ginger is loaded with analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds. Research studies indicate that ginger may be as effective as ibuprofen in reducing pain. The best way to have ginger is with warm water. Here is how.

  • Take an inch of ginger and boil it in a pan with a cup of water.
  • Strain the solution and drink when cooled enough.
  • You can add honey to sweeten the drink.

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